Volkswagen Servicing

Keep Your Volkswagen Road-Worthy

At Marriott Volkswagen we're aware that keeping your vehicle in excellent condition is important to you. This is why we're offering special servicing offers at any of our Volkswagen dealerships in East Anglia, so you can save money and keep your car in peak condition

When you bring your Volkswagen to us, you can rest easy knowing it will only be attended to by our qualified Volkswagen trained technicians, who will give it only the very best of care and attention. You can also have peace of mind knowing your service history will be recorded and your service book will receive a Volkswagen stamp, showing that you chose an official Volkswagen Centre to have your car serviced at.

If you don't have your car regularly serviced, its reliability may be negative affected, as well as decreased fuel efficiency. Furthermore, any problems may go unnoticed until it is too late, resulting in expensive repair costs. If you get your Volkswagen serviced at a non-official centre, then your service book will not receive a stamp, which may mean future buyers of your car won't be willing to pay as much due to the not trusted service history.

Your Volkswagen will require servicing at least once every year, or every 10,000 depending on what milestone you reach first. Alternatively, if you have Longlife Servicing you only need to bring your Volkswagen in for a visit when the service indicator light becomes active.

We offer a wide range of services from battery replacement, to new brake pads & discs or cambelt changes. Additionally, we can also replace spark plugs, shock absorbers, tyres and air filters.