Volkswagen Servicing

Available for Volkswagen models and work carried out will be done by our Volkswagen-trained technicians. We will only use parts that are genuine Volkswagen components that comes with our two-year parts and labour warranty.


Pricing varies depending on model of Volkswagen. Please call us for a quote.

Service TypeCost
Oil Change Service From £175
Oil, Inspection & Pollen Filter From £235

MOT Test - £54.85*

Why not let one of our Volkswagen Centres MOT test your Volkswagen? We can also take care of any little work you need done.

Cambelt - From £669

The cambelt is one of the hardest working components in your engine. Over time, the belt will go slack which could cause it to snap or jump leading to severe damage inside the engine, causing a breakdown and expensive repairs.

Our team of Volkswagen trained technicians at Marriott will be able to change your cambelt from £669, so you can drive away with complete peace of mind.

Cambelt and tensioner change pricing is available for all Volkswagen vehicles aged 3-15 years old, up to and including 2.0 litre engines. Cambelt pricing is also available for Volkswagen T‑Cross, T‑Roc and Tiguan vehicles aged 3-15 years old, up to and including 2.0 litre engines (excludes all electric & hybrid models).

Brake Fluid Change - From £75^

Over time the brake fluid in your Volkswagen absorbs moisture, which can affect the braking performance of your Volkswagen, and ultimately could cause your brakes to fail.

The brake fluid must withstand operating at temperatures of up to 230C but over time it absorbs water which boils at 100C. The addition of water in the brake fluid , turn to a compressible vapour which means you won't be able to brake as efficiently.

At Marriott Volkswagen we are offering Brake Fluid Change from £75. The brake fluid in your Volkswagen must be replaced at year 3 and then every 2 years after that, regardless of the mileage you travel - if your brake pedal starts to feel spongy this is a sign that your brake fluid needs changing urgently.

Excludes: Over 2.0 litre engines, e‑up!, e‑Golf, Golf GTE, Passat GTE, Phaeton and Touareg.


Air Conditioning Service
From £99

Did you know that your air conditioning system can lose up to 10% of its gas each year, at Marriott Volkswagen we recommend a service every 2 years and an air con refresh every year to remove harmful bacteria from the system.

Over time your air conditioning system will lose some of its gas and won't be working as efficiently and the system won't be able to keep the cabin of your Volkswagen as cool and refreshed.

With prices starting from £99, depending on what type of air conditioning system you have, the gas in your system will become depleted overtime reducing the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Bring it to us at Marriott Volkswagen and the gas will be replaced, allowing you to keep cool.

Air Con Refresh - £29.99

Over time, your air conditioning can become full of bacteria and fungus, which not only produces a nasty smell but will also affect the airflow. Our Refresh treatment will disinfect the evaporator and air ducts, to safely remove any contamination and smells, so your air conditioning system produces cool air once more.

DSG Oil & Filter Change - From £319

We recommend changing oil should be replaced every 40,000 miles, depending on your vehicle the filter may need to be changed.

It is important that a DSG gearbox is well looked after with regular oil changes, to ensure the 2-clutch system continues to perform. Dirty oil can cause many problems for your car, it may overheat the gearbox or cause the clutches to burnout, leading to poor gear selection, loss of drive and ultimately transmission failure.

When you bring your Volkswagen to us, we will ensure the gearbox isn't leaking, drain the old fluid and then replace it with high-quality, Volkswagen-approved gearbox oil. This also applies to the respective filter, if applicable, we will replace it with a new one to avoid damage to your engine.

Haldex Oil Change - From £110

Our Volkswagen trained technicians advise that the oil in 4MOTION four wheel drive Volkswagen models is replaced every 40,000 miles as a maximum mileage limit.

The oil maintains the lubrication of the multi-plate clutch within the Haldex system. When the oil becomes dirty and old, it won't lubricate the clutch correct which often leads to system failure.

Clean oil ensures that the components work within the system and can continue to operate, allowing your Volkswagen to performance at its best.

Fixed Price Diagnosis - £150

If you feel something is wrong with your car, let us know what and bring it to us, we will investigate the issue using our advanced diagnostic equipment and highly trained technicians. This fixed-price diagnosis will include diagnosis fault of your car covering a road test or guided fault finding, we will contact you to discuss the results and providing you with a quotation to repair or advise if further investigations are required.

*Exclusions: Over 2.0 litre engines, e-up!, e-Golf, Golf GTE, Passat GTE, Phaeton and Touareg V10 engines.

†Excludes: Over 2.0 litre engines , e-up!, e-Golf, Golf GTE, Passat GTE, Phaeton, Touareg and performance models Golf GTI, Golf R, Scirocco R.

Prices may vary depending on model.