Volkswagen We Connect Go

Your very own driving assistant.

Create a connection between you and your Volkswagen with We Connect Go. It can be described as your very own driving assistant and will relay everything you need to know, simply download the app to your smartphone and create the connection between you and your car. The app will provide information from servicing, fuel consumption and parking locations as well as advice on how to drive more economically.

To create the connection between your car and the app, you will need to pick up a data-plug from your local Marriott Volkswagen dealership. Simply connect the dataplug to the existing diagnostic port on many Volkswagen models built since 2008 and you will be able to access Volkswagen We Connect Go.

Download the app below.


For a better overview.

The We Connect Go app logs important information such as journey records from start to finish, from data, time, duration, route taken and cost per journey. It will analyse your driving style and check out the statistics on mileage, driving time and average speed.

You also have the option to specify a purpose for your journey and categorise it and export the data in PDF format.

Driving Style

For more efficiency.

Find out more about your driving style with the We Connect Go app. It uses technology to record acceleration, braking, speed, rpm and coolant temperatures data to analyse your driving style and calculates how efficiently you are driving by showing how your style influences your fuel consumption.

This part of the app will also give you information such as how far you have travelled, how long for, and the quantity of fuel you refueled your car with.

Fuel Monitor

Manage your fuel costs.

Record how many times you fill up with the Fuel Monitor section of the app, it stores data of all your fuel fill-ups in a digital logbook. You will be able to keep track of your fuel costs and how often you are filling your Volkswagen up.

Once you have filled up with the fuel, you automatically receive a notification and can then add additional details, meaning you can keep track of how often you are filling up with fuel and keep track of the costs.

Parking Space

Find your vehicle in less time.

With the Parking Space feature of the app you can find out where your vehicle is parked, you can also display the time you parked so you know when your parking time is running out.

What's more, the Route and Share feature shows you the best route to take to get to your vehicle and allows you to send the vehicle location to other passengers.

Service Partners

Stay in contact whilst on the road.

The app features our Service Partners and allows you to call them from the app, meaning you can stay in touch with Volkswagen Service even when you're on the road.

If you have questions regarding the driving performance of your vehicle, simply send over the vehicle data to the Service Partner of your choice using the app and you will be able to arrange an appointment at a convenient time for you.

Breakdown & Assistance

Stay safe on the road.

If the worst happens and you breakdown on the road, at a touch of a button you can directly contact the 24-hour breakdown services or the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance, who will come and help you and aim to get you back on the road again.

My Volkswagen

For more information and safety.

Ensure your Volkswagen continues to perform to its best with the My Volkswagen section of the app. It provides you with the most important information about your vehicle and displays alerts explaining any issues with your Volkswagen and recommends a suitable course of action.

If you need to, you can also contact your preferred Retailer or call the Volkswagen Emergency Call Centre to assist with repairing any issues.

Download the Volkwagen We Connect Go app from the App Store or the Google Play Store, and connect to the dataplug and access all of the features of Volkswagen We Connect Go.

*Volkswagen connect is only available on selected models built since 2008.