Volkswagen Tyres

Know Your Tyres

Here at Marriott Volkswagen, we're dedicated to ensuring your safety and the continued efficient performance of your Volkswagen. In these two respects, tyres are a major factor of you staying safe on the road and your car's performance.

If you have any doubts about your tyres, we encourage you to bring your Volkswagen to us where we will be more than happy to conduct a health check on your tyres. However, checking your tyres is a simple process that anyone can do. We advise you check your tyre pressures, general wear and tear and tread depth once per month, for your own safety.

Using the correct tyres on your Volkswagen is crucial, as the original tyres are determined by joint consultation and extensive testing between both the car and tyre manufacturer. This extensive testing includes many factors such as road noise, fuel consumption and the handling of your vehicle. Because of this, if you believe your tyres needs changing we advise you seek advice from one of our local, official Volkswagen centres.

Should your tyres need replacing, we can provide tyres that are of the exact same quality of the original factory-fitted tyres. All at competitive prices.


In order to keep your tyres roadworthy, regular maintenance as well as correct replacement of your tyres is advised. 

There are three basic checks you can do on your tyres, in order to help prolong their life, enhance fuel efficiency and decrease CO2 emissions, which all will allow your Volkswagen to brake, accelerate and go around corners correctly.

  • Check the pressure of your tyres.
  • Check the tread depth is not below 1.6mm, which is the legal requirement; anything under this number is deemed illegal. Tread depth is also paramount in cold and/or wet weather conditions.
  • Inspect your tyres for any irregularities such as cuts, bulges, uneven wear or embedded objects.

We recommend you do the aforementioned regularly, to ensure your continued safety and performance of your car.​

Tyre Pressures

Keeping the correct pressure in your tyres is quite important in your safety on the road. Tyres that are under-inflated will impact the handling of your car as well as its grip, which can cause unexpected behaviour. The likelihood of a blowout is also much more likely, especially so when on a motorway. By ensuring your tyres are at the correct pressure, the running costs will be reduced as under-inflated tyres require more force to make them rotate. Furthermore, tyres that are under or over pressure will wear out quickly due to the lack or excess of air.

By making sure your tyre pressure is correct, you can benefit from increased fuel efficiency, longer tyre duration, better safety and lower CO2 emissions. We recommend you check your tyre pressure at least once a month or prior to a long journey.

To see what pressures your tyres should be at, look at your Owners handbook or check the fuel filler flap.​

Tread depth

During rain or snow, having above satisfactory tread depth is vital to your safety, as the tread removes the water from the road surface allowing the tyre to more easily grip to the road. As the depth of your tread wears down it loses some of its ability to remove this water, meaning grip is reduced which negatively influences your safety.

Within the UK, the legal requirement of tread-depth is 1.6mm across the central three quarters of your tyre throughout all of it. Failure to meet this standard can result in a fine worth thousands of pounds and three penalty points for each illegal tyre! Not to mention that using tyres in such a state is highly dangerous to yourself, passengers and pedestrians.

If you're sceptical as to whether your tread depth is sufficient, bring your car to us and we will happily check for you. Alternatively, you can do a simple test using a 20p coin to assess the tread depth on your tyres.

Place the coin in the main tread of your tyre. If the marked rim of the coin does not totally disappear into the tread, you may be using illegal tyres which can be verified if you bring your Volkswagen to one of our local Volkswagen Centres.

The most precise way to assess the tread depth of your tyres is to use a calibrated tread depth gauge, which can check the depth in three different points around the tyre.

For more information, please contact Marriott Volkswagen today and speak to our service team who will be able to help you further.