Volkswagen Electric Car Range

Electric vehicles are increasing in popularity and it's easy to see why. With many environmental benefits as well as great personal advantages to the driver, there has never been a better time to make the switch.

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Making The Move to Electric Motoring

Making the switch to electric is a huge step to reducing emissions and the release of them into the atmosphere. This reduction in harmful emissions also has a positive effect on human health, particularly in busy, built up areas. Zero emissions also means you don’t have to pay the London congestion charge. Although emissions are much lower per mile than petrol or diesel engines, you could go one step further and switch to Ecotricity, Britain’s greenest energy company. This would mean your electricity will come completely from renewable and sustainable sources, rather than a fossil fuel power plant.

Recharging an electric vehicle costs much less than filling up with fuel. The cost of electricity at charging stations varies and some points are free, however charging at home can cost as little as 2p per mile. What’s more, the government offers grants to anyone making the switch, saving you thousands of pounds before you’ve even driven away.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you use your electric car to travel around 30 miles a day, you will only need to charge it around
once or twice a week. Ideally, you can do this at home overnight using your optional wall box.
When it comes to conserving energy, the heater and air conditioning systems can make a big difference to your vehicle’s range. The outside temperature can also sometimes affect the electric car’s range.


The e-Remote stores your e-Volkswagen’s data in your smartphone. It can be used to find out where the nearest place to charge up is, where you parked your car and the battery’s charge level. It also set your air conditioning levels and let you know whether you locked the doors and turned off the lights. The e-Remote stores your e-Volkswagen’s data in your smartphone. It can be used to find out where the nearest place to charge up is, where you parked your car and the battery’s charge level. It also set your air conditioning levels and let you know whether you locked the doors and turned off the lights.


We’ve made charging your electric vehicle simple and accessible, allowing you to charge at home, on the go and even in a rush. To charge at home, all you need is a household socket or wall box that’s been professionally installed. There is a choice of three different power outlets and charging speeds available. All charging equipment is completely weather proof. When out and about you can simply charge it up during a short break at a charging station, in as little as 20 minutes. ​


The government plug-in grant offers up to a maximum of £3,500 off the purchase price. Savings are automatically included by your local Marriott Volkswagen dealership.


Charging times at home depend on what kind of power supply you have installed. A 3-pin plug will take 17 hours, whilst a wall box takes between 5 and 10 hours. Rapid chargers take just 45 minutes to charge the vehicle.


e-Volkswagens are as safe and dependable as every other Volkswagen and equipped with technologically advanced safety systems.


With our e-Solutions package, we offer a 36-month contract that puts you in control. If after 12 months you decide than an e-car isn’t for you, we’ll give you the chance to hand the vehicle back without charge (subject to terms and conditions).


An electric car should be serviced regularly just like a petrol or diesel car. We recommend after 18k miles / 24 months, then every 18k miles or 12 months.

Charging Points

There are a number of charging options for electric vehicle owners, from public charging point to wallboxes that can be fitted at your home. With the popularity of electric vehicles increasing, there are plenty of charging options available. View the map below to locate your local charging points.

Socket and Wallbox

Charging from home using a socket or wallbox, you will pay for the battery charge on your next electricity bill.

Public Charging Points

Paid for public charging points - you choose your provider, who will bill you for the power you use when charging.

Free Charging Points

Free charging points are located across the country, commonly found in car park of large stores.

History of the Volkswagen Electric Movement

Volkswagen first started their electric movement over 50 years ago, with years of pioneering research it has helped the brand launch their electric range.

Current Range

We have a selection of models available in all different shapes and sizes, from plug-in hybrid GTEs to the pure electric e-Golf and the e-up!, there is a model to suit every lifestyle. Our models feature a selection of the latest technology and offer a sustainable drive.


The e-up! is the perfect city vehicle, made even smarter by its electric engine. Boasting a stylish new design and smartphone functionality, it’s perfect for short trips or longer journeys. Even with is compact size, the e-up! is surprisingly spacious in the cabin, ensuring comfort every time you step inside. You can charge the e-up! in just 6 hours on a domestic socket when at home.​

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The e-Golf takes all of the well-loved features of the iconic hatchback and updates it further with an innovative battery electric motor. LED headlights and blue e-Design accents set it apart from the Golf range, adding effortless style to the road. Driver assistance features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Assist, Blind Spot Sensor and Traffic Jam Assist keep you safe and protected round every turn.​

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Passate GTE

The Passat GTE boasts cutting edge hybrid technology to offer a car with exceptional range and fuel economy, without compromising on power. This self-assured model looks confident on any road thanks to its bold stance and strong lines, with an impressive interior to match. In purely electric mode, the Passat GTE can travel up to 34 miles on one battery charge. 

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Future Models and Concepts

The ID. Family​

Meet the Volkswagen models of the future, from city cars and SUVs to 7-seaters the range is versatile and dynamic, with a strong focus on Volkswagen electric drive matrix. The vision is to create space, flexibility, comfort and dynamics that brings them all together to create the ID. Family.

New ID.3 1ST

The first model of the ID range. Can travel up to 260 miles on electric, and features ground breaking design.
Available to pre-book today!

ID. Crozz

Electric crossover with drive autonomous technology. With ground-breaking battery technology you can travel up to 500km on a single charge.Text here ...

ID. Vizzion

The vision for the future. The powerful lithium-ion battery you be able to travel up to 665km. Features the latest technology including facial recognition.

ID. Buzz

Concept for the legendary Camper to come into the modern era. State-of-the-art technology and environmentally conscious.