Celebrating Car Love With Real Stories

We’re celebrating car love. From life-long friendships and happy memories to the people who’ve made the leap to living electric. We hope these stories inspire future owners and offer a warm embrace to those who are already part of the Volkswagen family. After all, without the Volks, there is no Wagen.

We like to say...

It’s not just Volkswagen

It’s TomsWagen




For musicians, it’s a BandWagen

Having kids? Now it’s a FamWagen


The people make the car

That’s why it’s


Read a selection of Volkswagen stories below.


Emma & Jo's Story

We first met at antenatal class and have been friends for 24 years. We have a great friendship. We've been there for each other through all sorts of ups and downs. Not a day goes past when we don’t message.

Me and my husband have an ID.Buzz and we've got an ID.4, too. We're a two-dub family. They're just great for taking us to the beach. We started open water swimming at the end of 2019. My head space wasn’t very good. The menopause made me very angry all the time. I’d heard a lot about open water swimming and the benefits of it. I said, “Come on Jo, let’s just go and try it,”

"We know we can always go to the water and feel better. It makes such a difference to our swimming, knowing we have the ID's there to use"

Making the decision to go electric was partly to do with spending so much time with nature. You feel like you’re helping her. You try to persuade people that they should get one, and they’re like, well, it doesn't do this, and it doesn't do that. But none of that matters, because the driving experience is so great. You’re saving the planet, as well as saving money on petrol and tax and everything else. I would never go back to petrol now.

The heated seats are a big bonus come the winter. We’re giggling as we get dressed, looking forward to our hot drink and warming our bums in the car. They creep up on you. You turn them on, then suddenly you get this warm feeling just going up the backs of your legs.


Hanzalah's Story

From the age of two or three, I started to ask my dad questions when we were out on our travels, stuff like, “What does that pedal do? Is that the brake?” How does an accelerator work?” I started tinkering with cars when I was eight or nine. I’d pick up a spanner here and there, help dad out when he was doing a service in the garage. A week or two before my 10th birthday, dad just walked into the room one morning and said, “Do you want a car?” I was like, “What car... what car?” And he said, “A Volkswagen,” I asked him, “Which one... which one?” He replied, “Uh, a Volkswagen Scirocco.”

I passed my driving test first time without taking any lessons because I grew up moving the cars at Dad’s garage. I've got pictures of me driving around in the Scirocco with L plates on. What I love about cars is that every car is like a character. It's emotional, especially when you work on a car yourself and then you go out and drive that car, you feel very connected to it.

"With the Scirocco, it's all about the emotion, how it makes me feel"

Dad and I still work on cars together. Up until I was about 16 or 17, a lot of the stuff that I'd do he'd supervise, purely because of how young I was. And probably due to the fact that my mum wouldn't be happy if he left me on my own in the garage. I drove to my secondary school prom in the car that I'd spent years working on. You can't describe that buzz, that feeling of, you know, I've done this.

I've got to know the Volkswagen community due my passion. A lot of people are more than happy to come over and spend a few hours with me helping me put something together.



Ceri's Story

My first car was a Mark 2 Golf. And it was the love of my life. I didn't stop washing it. I didn't stop hoovering it. After getting a little part time job, I started to make adjustments to it, like putting on new alloys, all those little bits and pieces that you do when you're younger. Back in the day, it was all about how you could change a vehicle, switch it around, personalise and make it your own. I think that's kind of what drew me to it as well. The amount of kits you could get and sound systems, things you could do to the engines. It was amazing. 

From that point on it progressed. I got the bug. It became Mk4 golfs, then it progressed on to bigger and better things with a Mk5. I had a lovely black Mk5, which was done up as well. Then the Mk5 eventually turned into a Volkswagen CC, which is a saloon car I got when I had my first child. 

"I don't think anything's changed at all. My love for VWs will continue until the end, until I can drive no longer"

I wanted something really lovely and fast, but also something that was super practical for a family as well. We had that for about 10 years. When we knew that we wanted to go electric, we went straight onto the ID.3. It was practical for us. I also really wanted to circle back around to a Golf style after the CC.

My children have made me much more aware of the environment and what's going on around us. I think that the future is definitely electric. I’m 100 percent more geared towards the kids and what their future will look like.

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