Volkswagen Electric Car Servicing

Cheap, Simple Servicing

As electrical cars have much less moving components than cars with a traditional petrol or diesel engine engine, they are cheaper to service as the task itself is simpler since there are less parts to check.

When you choose Marriott Volkswagen to service your electric vehicle, we will check all the usual service items in accordance to legal requirements. This includes a health check of the braking system, headlights, tyre conditions and more.

We will also inspect and replace (if necessary) items that are specific to Battery Electric Vehicles. Such as:

  • Charging cable - We will visually check that the cable is in good condition.
  • High-voltage battery - We'll check the charge level and recharge if required.
  • High-voltage components & cables - We'll inspect these parts for damage and correct routing as well as the securing of lines.

Unlike traditional combustion engines, electric vehicles don't require oil changes, allowing you to save money. We would still recommend bringing your vehicle in on an annual basis though, for your peace of mind.

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