Volkswagen Servicing Oil - From £79

Enhance Your Car's Performance & Efficiency

For the engine in your car to run smooth and effectively, it requires oil to lubricate its components. With no oil in your engine, it can cause damage which is why we advise you reguarly check your oil level. If you unsure about this, or how to refill your oil, visit one of our Volkswagen Centres where our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

  • 4WD Oil Change - £79
  • DSG Oil Change - £199

Haldex 4WD Oil Change

DSG Oil Change

Castrol EDGE Professional

In order to ensure maximum perfromance of your car and its fuel economy, we at Marriott Volkswagen recommend you use Castrol EDGE Professional Longlife III 5W-30 and Longlife IV FE OW-20.

Volkswagen have worked together with Castrol to create engine oil that will optimise the performance your Volkswagen delivers, whilst still providing excellent fuel efficiency. The result of this teamwork was Castrol EDGE Professional.

Castrol EDGE Professional oil has been boosted with Titanium FST making it one of the most formidable and advanced range of engine oils that Castrol has to offer. The Titanium FST physically alters how oil behaves when experience extreme pressure, allowing it to form shock absorbing pads that can prevent metal to metal contact.

Specifically designed for Volkswagen's Long Life service intervals, Castrol EDGE Professional can reduce the running costs of your Volkswagen. What's more, it can also reduce your carbon footprint, as it is Castrol's most environmentally friendly oil. Castrol's Clean Performance Technology will help keep the efficiency of your exhaust equipment in lowering emissions.  

The latest in oil from Castrol is the Castrol EDGE Professional LongLife IV FE 0W-20 which meets Volkswagen's new 508 00 and 509 00 standards due to the oil's viscosity of 0W-20, meaning it can only be used in specific engines. These engines are in the new models that have been launched in 2016 and 2017. This oil gives the cars superior fuel consumption and engine performance, the low viscosity also lets the oil quickly enter the engine and its other components which also significantly improves cold-start behaviour.

Does Your Oil Need A Top Up?

We recommend you check your car's oil level frequently in order to maintain the effective of your engine in between services. If your oil is low, we recommend topping it up.

  • Often when the oil light comes on, the lack of oil in your engine would have already taken affect
  • Make sure you top up your oil using the correct type
  • Low level of oil or using the incorrect type can cause damage to your engine

If you ask us, we can provide you with a 1 litre top up kit that will ensure you always have the right type of oil. It includes a handy pouch, oil funnel, wipes, gloves and velcro fixings that allow you to keep it safe in your boot.

When you top up your oil, pour it in slowly otherwise it can damage your engine. After topping up, check the dipstick to make sure you have put enough oil in to meet the maximum level indicated on the dipstick.

For more information and to book your oil service, please contact Marriott Volkswagen today. 

Excludes: Over 2.0 litre engines, e-up!, e-Golf, Glf GTE, Passate GTE, Phaeton and Touareg.