Volkswagen Health Check

Free Vehicle Health Check

Here at Marriott Volkswagen, we want you to get the best value from your Volkswagen which is why we offer an express visual check.

This consists of a series of inspections that will be carried out on various components of your car, assessing its health to see if it has sustained any damage. This check is complimentary for every Volkswagen that enters our workshop regardless of its age or condition.

The check will be performed by one of our own Volkswagen trained technicians, who are fully trained and will only use approved tools and parts during the check.

Volkswagen Video

Volkswagen Video is a new way for us to show you the condition of the components of your car that may require work promptly, or sometime in the future.

During the health check, one of our technicians will give a short summary of the results of your vehicle's health check and will also mention any components that will require attention at a later date or imminently. You can leave your car with us during this check, and we'll be able to send the video to your computer or smart-device. From here you can also authorise the work required (if any if necessary).

This will allow you to fully comprehend what your car needs so you can decide if you want these issues fixed on the day or at a later, more convenient date.

How Volkswagen Video Works

  1. A Volkswagen technician performs a free health check.
  2. A brief video will be made, which will summarise the results of the check and what work is required.
  3. We will text or email you a link to the short video.
  4. You'll be able to watch the technician provide you with a summary of the check, components that require attention and what they recommend.
  5. To proceed with the recommend course of action, you can authorise the job from where you are. Alternatively, you can contactour service advisor for even more detail.