Volkswagen GTE Servicing

Keep Your Hybrid Performing Flawlessly

Frequent services is the best way to keep your GTE Volkswagen car performing as it should be.

Having your vehicle serviced will allow us to identify any issues before they become bigger and expensive to fix. With each service, we make take your vehicle's model and mileage into heavy consideration, to ensure it receives the best service and care possible.

However, a GTE requires slightly more than your typical service, since there is more than one drive system (the traditional engine and electric motor). Due to there being more components, more checks are required as both systems have to be inspected to ensure they're in good condition.

Our technicians have been specially trained to be able to inspect all the components of your Volkswagen GTE, who will also only use hybrid components. Furthermore, only special tools and technology will be used in the inspection for any damage to the high-voltage components and cables.

The filters and lubricants of your hybrid will be replaced, before we conduct a road test to ensure your car is in peak condition before we give it back to you.