Volkswagen Golf GTE

For those looking for a greener drive that doesn’t compromise on performance, the new Volkswagen Golf GTE is the perfect solution. Utilising technology from the ID3, it delivers more power and swifter acceleration – in fact, it’s only a fraction slower than the GTI.

Standout design The Golf GTE follows the design cues of the Mk8 hatch, sporting revamped headlights and a large lower grille that lends a more aggressive look to the front end. The cabin boasts a modern, technologically advanced feel, with a digital cockpit and touchscreen display dominating the clean, uncluttered design. Meanwhile, supportive seats and ample legroom ensure driver and passengers alike remain comfy on every journey
Plug-in power Improving on the previous iteration in numerous ways, the new Volkswagen Golf GTE now features a 13kWh battery, which delivers up to 38.5 miles of electric range. The charging port has moved to the car’s flank and charging takes just five hours on mains power. With 107bhp on tap and a 0-62mph time of just 6.7 seconds, you’ll feel the benefit of electric power instantly.
A smarter drive Two different driving modes are available with the Golf GTE: E-mode and Hybrid. The former is tailored to city driving, providing instant torque and agile handling. You can even specify how much electrical energy is used in this mode – meaning you can save power for later.
Unrivalled connectivity The new Volkswagen Golf GTE comes with a subscription to We Connect Plus, which provides a host of services for your information and entertainment. Stream media, calculate your route, keep maps up to date and access charging information to optimise your drive.