New Volkswagen ID.7

Volkswagen has redefined the performance of electric vehicles with their new ID.7, a fully electric high performance car with the premium standard from Volkswagen. The interior is spacious with high tech features including massage built into the seats, AR head-up display and voice assistant and the aerodynamically shaped front and the sloping roofline makes the ID.7 look dynamic and sleek.

Discover the New Volkswagen ID.7 The new ID.7 is sleek and dynamic with an aerodynamically shaped front and spacious interior, changing the way electric cars perform while adding luxury in the interior with ambient lighting. With the choice of colours including two-tone paint allows you to customise your car to suit you, plus 15-inch navigation infotainment display and 19-inch alloy wheels come as standard along with many high tech features. A new added feature is Keyless Access allowing you to lock and open your car without using your key.
Exciting Exterior A new design with aerodynamically shaped front and sloping roofline allowing air to flow around the car for a better driving experience and ensuring lower energy consumption and higher mile ranges. Optional upgrades include 3D LED tail light clusters and innovative IQ.LIGHT ensuring your safety and others.
Thoughtful Technology The ID.7 boasts high tech features including Parking Assistance, Travel Assist and Traffic Hazard Alert, ensuring you have a safe journey everytime you drive. Volkswagen has thought about smart, convenient with the new Plug & Charge feature, allowing you to log in, charge and pay with ease.
Intriguing Interior Inside the ID.7, you have ample space for up to five passengers with premium materials, heated seats and panoramic sunroof as well as a lot of the interior touches have been made by recycled materials. The generous space continues into the rear with over 500 litres in the luggage compartment.
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