Volkswagen Arteon

The new Volkswagen Arteon is a flawless saloon car that exudes the utmost in refinement and executive levels of comfort and performance. Well-equipped with all the very best in driver assistance, infotainment and connectivity technology, the model prides itself on delivering the ultimate driving experience every time you hop behind the wheel. And, whether you’re looking for power or economy, you can rest assured the Arteon has you covered

Design One glance at the new Volkswagen Arteon is all it takes to leave you wanting more. This sporty saloon represents a bold presence out on the road, with its sweeping body lines, eye-catching LED cluster, magnificent alloy wheels and more all capturing attention. It’s no less inviting on the inside, where supreme levels of comfort are provided through cavernous space, premium materials, and aluminium or wood inserts for a real touch of quality. All this complemented by some of the finest technology available
Digital Cockpit Pro An innovative new 10.25-inch TFT display can be configured to provide access to vehicle performance, satellite navigation, details on infotainment and more. Replacing the traditional dial arrangement, the result is an intuitive and engaging system that helps you experience the most enjoyable and informed ride yet.
Travel Assist Travel Assist is an optional and intelligent driver assistance system that helps enhance driving comfort while also providing the utmost in safety. This smart technology will help you maintain progress and travel within your lane, and will even help manage periods of traffic congestion and stop-start activity
Predictive Cruise Control In helping you maintain a minimum distance from the vehicle ahead and keeping you from exceeding a predetermined speed limit, the Predictive Cruise Control feature of the new Volkswagen Arteon will ensure you’re able to stay safe throughout your driving while also being able to sit back and relax.
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