Servicing & Maintenance at Marriott Audi

Here at Marriott Audi we know that keeping your Audi in top condition is important, which is why we offer fantastic servicing and maintenance options at impressive prices across our Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich and Kings Lynn dealerships.

All of the work carried out in our workshop is done so by trained technicians who know Audi vehicles inside out. Whether you are visiting us for a service or need help with a different issue, you can drive away your car away with confidence knowing it has been serviced by our professionals.

Audi Maintenance

Merchandise and Accessories

Here at Audi, we’ve developed a range of accessories for your Audi.

From roof racks to entertainment systems, crafted with all the care and attention to detail you’d expect.

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When should I service my Audi?

There are two types of service schedule available: Fixed (serviced every 9,300 miles/1 year) and Flexible (up to 18,600 miles/2 years). We recommend a Flexible schedule for people who drive longer distances, typically on motorways and main roads, while a Fixed schedule is right for lower-mileage drivers who do more city and town centre driving.

Audi fixed-price servicing

If your Audi is over three years old, we can service it for a fixed price. With simple and transparent menu pricing, you’ll get an all-inclusive cost, with no hidden surprises.

Audi Service Price Match

Pay the same price with us. All you need to do is get a quote from any garage for a service, repair, maintenance or new tyres. When that quote includes Audi Genuine Parts, we guarantee you won’t pay a penny more for the same job at an Audi Centre. All the expertise of Audi, without any extra cost. Terms and Conditions apply.

Brake fluid

Over time, the brake fluid in your car becomes less effective as it absorbs moisture from the surroundings. This results in increased stopping distances and reduced braking efficiency. We recommend regularly checking your brake fluid with us and replacing it as necessary.​

Transmission oil

Your transmission oil plays a vital role as both a lubricant and coolant. As it’s subjected to more and more gear changes, it gradually becomes thinner and needs to be replaced. Your Service Schedule recommends this at 38,000 miles and Audi Trained Technicians are experts in providing this service. This applies to S tronic and multitronic transmissions only.

Digital Service Schedule

Your car’s full history with Audi is stored electronically in a secure database. This gives us a secure way to access your information, whilst protecting your details. When you have your Audi serviced with us, we’ll also provide you with a handy printout of any work completed or recommended.

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