Free Audi Health Check

Have your Audi thoroughly inspected for free

Whenever you come with your Audi to visit us here at Marriott Audi -including when having a MOT or servicing done- we will be more than happy to conduct a rigorous health check on your Audi for Free.

This complimentary offer will allow our staff of Audi approved technicians to conduct a safety inspection of all the vital components in your Audi. To give you a sense of the health of your car and how important any work needed is, we will give each issue a rating of severity; red, amber or green. Green will mean the issue is not an imminent threat, amber means an appointment should be made to fix the issue soon, and red means the issue is hazardous to you and your Audi and should be fixed immediately.

What's more, when you bring your Audi in for a complimentary health check, we will also give you a courtesy car wash, so your Audi can leave looking fabulous.

Audi Cam

If we do identify work that needs doing to your Audi, you no longer need take our word for it. Thanks to Audi Cam, we can show you any work that your Audi requires with a concise explanation.

Our expert technicians will be able to record a brief video of the problematic component in your car and send it to you, which you'll be able to view on your computer, smartphone or tablet. You will also be able to authorise any work that is required so you aren't caught off-guard with any unexpected costs or duration of work.

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