Audi Servicing

Keep your Audi running at its best

Having your Audi serviced regularly guarantees it will keep performing perfectly and will improve the future resale value of your car.

When you choose Marriott Audi to have any work done, your car will only be cared for by dedicated Audi Trained Technicians who will only use Audi Genuine Parts and specialist diagnostic equipment. Rest assured, your Audi will be in good hands with people who know Audi models like no one else.

To prevent your service history being lost, we will electronically store your car's entire service history in a secure Audi database. We will also provide you with a printout of any work done or advised on, for your own personal records.

When should I get my Audi serviced?

There are two different types of service schedules available, fixed and flexible.

  • Fixed - Service every 9,000 miles/1 year
  • Flexible - Service up to 19,000 miles/2 years

Each service schedule is catered to different life styles, for instance, flexible schedule is recommended for people who frequently drive long distances on motorways or main roads. Alternatively, a fixed schedule is the better choice for driver who won't drive as much and will have a lower mileage, ideal for those who drive around cities or towns.

Audi Fixed-Price Servicing & Maintenance

If your Audi is older than 3 years old, you can have it serviced for a fixed price with us. This means there is a single, transparent price for all vital jobs which will tell you exactly what you need to pay.

Service TypePrice
Oil Change Service from £200
Oil & Inspection Service with Pollen Filter Replacement from £325

MOT £54.85
Front wiper blades from £45.00
Air conditioning service from £99.00
Clutch (non quattro) Please Call
Clutch (quattro) Please Call
S-Tronic Transmission Oil & Filter change from £235.00
Haldex Oil change from £99.00
Brake fluid change from £70.00

Brakes (excludes ceramic brakes)
Brake pads (rear) Please Call
Brake pads (front) Please Call
Brake pads & discs (rear) Please Call
Brake pads & discs (front) Please Call

Unscheduled Maintenance
Investigate an issue with my car (Initial 1 hour Diagnosis) £180.00

Audi Service Plans

Whether you own an Audi or are going to purchase one soon, Audi Service Plans will allow you to care for your car in a cost-effective and simple way. An Audi Service Plan will cover all your servicing costs with a one-off payment or a series of monthly payments. These service plans are protected against inflation making it easier for you to budget.

View our Service Plans

*Audi Genuine Parts have a 2 year parts and labour warranty on parts fitted (excluding wear and tear items).