All-In from Audi
Two Years' Roadside Assistance, Two Years' Warranty, Two MOTs & Two Services just £35.70 per month

With a whole host of maintenance to keep on top of, keeping your Audi running as it should has never been easier thanks to All-in from Audi. Covering the cost of servicing, warranty, roadside assistance from the AA and MOTs, the All-in cover provides peace of mind and enhanced savings by spreading the cost of maintenance with one monthly payment or an easy one-off payment. Not only does going 'all-in' provide better value maintenance, but also avoids unexpected costs or large maintenance bills.

Whether you decide to pay a lump sum or monthly payment you can benefit from huge savings, meaning you will pay £856.85 for 24 months of cover, or £35.70 across 24 simple monthly payments. You'll receive excellent savings and reassurance of Audi trained technicians and genuine Audi parts, as well as expert care from Marriott Audi throughout.

If your Audi is between 3 - 6 years old with less than 100,000 miles at activation and has an engine 2.0L or under, simply book your vehicle with your local Marriot Audi for an initial inspection and our expert team will ensure your Audi meets the requirements of the warranty and roadside assistance. Upon passing the inspection, the 'All-in from Audi' plan will be activated, so you can enjoy stress-free motoring and reduced maintenance costs. Compared to customers paying for products separately, All-in customers save an average of £1,039.852 over two years.

Discover the price breakdown below.


All-in from Audi

1 x Oil Service£215.003Included
1 x Oil and Inspection Service with Pollen Filter£360.003Included
2 x MOTs£109.703Included
2 years' Roadside Assistance£220.00 Included
2 years' Warranty£9924Complimentary
Total cost£2,896.70 24 x £35.70 monthly payments or £856.85 upfront

All-in from Audi includes:

  • Initial Inspection: Our technicians will check your vehicle meets the requirements of the warranty and roadside assistance. Once passed, we can activate your ‘All-in from Audi’ plan.
  • Two Services: Servicing in line with the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule:
    1 x Oil Service: Vehicle health check
    1 x Oil and Inspection Service with Pollen Filter: Full Vehicle inspection and report to include all lights, instruments, glass, braking system etc. Full vehicle road test, vehicle health check and a pollen filter change. Please note that any parts identified as requiring replacement are not covered as part of the services.
  • Two years’ Warranty: Covering the costs of repairing or replacing the components that have suffered a sudden electrical or mechanical failure during the period of cover. Exclusions apply.
  • Two MOT Tests: Vehicles 3 years plus are lawfully required to have an MOT test carried out yearly. Ensuring the vehicle meets the minimum road safety standards (please note that in Northern Ireland this product comes with 2 MOT pre-checks and MOTs). Repair work required as a result of an MOT failure is excluded.
  • Two years' Audi Roadside Assistance: You will be covered by the AA to give you the support of qualified, dedicated Technicians. Thanks to this extensive network, we’re ready to get you back on the road – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Am I eligible?

All-in has been designed for vehicles that:

- Are between 36 and 72 months old at point of activation
- Are an Audi with an engine size of 2.0L or less
- Have done under 100,000 miles at point of activation
- Have a valid MOT
- Don't have a service plan or warranty already in place

The following vehicles are not eligible for cover:

- Battery electric vehicles (BEV)
- Vehicles powered by fuel cell or liquid petroleum gas (LPG)
- Public hire/private hire vehicles
- Vehicles that have a service plan already in place

Contact your local Marriott Audi dealership today for more information.

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1. Price Valid until 31.12.2024. Terms, eligibility criteria and exclusions apply. Excludes electric vehicles and vehicles with an existing service plan. Vehicles that have been out of a warranty (that has been provided by Audi UK or Audi Financial Services) for more than 30 days will have a no-claim period of 30 days at the start of their policy. The All-in Warranty does not cover any vehicle already covered under any other guarantee, insurance, warranty and/or gesture of goodwill. Audi Financial Services.

2. Saving based on differential between cost of All-in plan with national pay as you go RRP pricing for servicing, MOT, Roadside Assistance, and Warranty⁴.

3. Price based on Audi UK National Servicing and MOT Price for A1 and A2 models aged 3 years and older with an engine size of 2.0 litre and under.

4. Based on the cost of an Extended Warranty policy purchased from Audi, with All Component Cover, unlimited mileage, and £0 excess. Based on October 2023 pricing for Audi vehicles aged 3 to 6 years, with a 2.0L engine or less, and that have not been out of warranty for more than 30 days. Exact saving will be dependent on your vehicle. #44731