Audi Genuine Tyres

There is no substitute

Your tyres are a major component of your Audi as they literally keep your car moving. When the time comes when your tyres need replacing, use Audi Genuine Tyres as there is no substitute.

Audi Genuine Tyres have been specifically developed for your model of Audi to ensure continued safety and comfort. With Audi tyres, you can trust that they have gone through more than 50 seperate tests, to ensure they are of the highest-quality and surpass government standards.

If you are unsure whether a tyre is an Audi Genuine Tyre, inspect the tyre for the 'AO' marking, meaning Audi Only.

Audi Cold Weather Tyres

When the temperature starts to decline, we recommend you get your Audi equipped with Audi Cold Weather Tyres which have been specifically developed to take on the winter weather.

Typically, when the temperature starts to drop below 7oC, normal tyres start to harden reducing their grip on the road and the distance it takes to stop, which is not ideal deeming the icy conditions on the road. However, due to the special tread compound found in Audi Cold Weather Tyres, you can maintain the optimal performance of your Audi all year long.

Audi Price Match

In addition to making sure your Audi gets the right tyres, we will also match the price of another supplier for the same tyre, so you can continue to enjoy the advantages of Audi Genuine Tyres.

Privately owned Audi vehicles of any age or model. Offer may be varied or withdrawn at any time. Offer expires on 31 December 2018. Quote supplied must come from any VAT registered garage within a 15 mile driving distance from the participating Audi Authorised Repairer’s premises, must be produced in writing (including personalised online quotes) and quoted fully fitted, including VAT, valves, balancing and disposal charges. Tyres must be of identical specification – size, brand, pattern, load speed rating and manufacturer marking.