Gender Pay Gap

At Marriott Motor Group we recognise our employees are our key asset in achieving customer satisfaction and a successful business. Our pay structure ensures that employees within the same role are paid equally regardless of gender. However, as with many other businesses within our industry, we have a greater proportion of men than women in senior roles which creates a gender pay gap. We are committed to redressing the gender gap but this will take time given the relatively low level of employee turnover we benefit from.

The following information is based on the 2022/23 reporting period.

Gender Pay and Bonus Gap

Mean Gender Pay Gap 11.9%
Median Gender Pay Gap 18.7%
Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap 13.4%
Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap 21.2%



Proportion Receiving a Bonus Payment


Pay Band Quartiles

Upper Quartile 77.0% 23.0%
Upper Middle Quartile89 89.7% 10.3%
Lower Middle Quartile 51.7% 48.3%
Lower Quartile 71.3% 28.7%