T-Roc and T-Cross Number Plate Light Reversing Camera

Just £415 Including Fitting At Marriott Volkswagen

A reversing camera is the perfect addition to any vehicle, making manoeurving and parking easier and safer! The discrete rear view camera is positioned within the number plate light of your Volkswagen and is activated when your vehicle is in reverse. The image is displayed on your radio or radio navigation system and features and easy to use reversing guidelines.

Offering a clear image, the camera provides a stress-free and smooth exterience no matter how tight a parking space is and no matter where you are reversing. What's more, the camera can identify obstacles which are often too low for parking sensors to detect. The camera is also ideal for hitching up a trailer.

For just £415 including fitting, the Number Plate Light Reversing Camera for the T-Roc and T-Cross is the perfect addition to your Volkswagen.

*Subject to stock availability. Terms and conditions apply.