It's World EV Day!

We are celebrating sustainable motoring through e-mobility. The progress of electric vehicles has been impressive and worthy of a celebration. As we reduce our travel emissions we head towards an improved carbon footprint and a new era for mobility.

Our Volkswagen electric range, including the ID.3, ID.4 & Plug-in Hybrid models, allows you to benefit from:

✅ Zero emissions
✅ Low maintenance costs
 Immediate torque
 Quiet engine noise
 Fast charging
✅ Efficient travel range
 Smooth acceleration

Explore our electric range here. Join the revolution & take an electric test drive today.

EVs explained

Electric Vehicles are those that run entirely or partially from electric. They operate differently to petrol or diesel vehicles, which is reflected in the benefits outlined above. There are 3 main types of EVs:

Fully Electric Vehicles - these are powered purely via an electric motor, which is recharged by plugging your vehicle into a standard 3-pin home plug, a wall-box, which is sometimes subsidised by the brand, or a charging point, there's lots around the UK. Each method of charging will differ on the speed they recharge.

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles - these are powered via a combination of an electric motor & petrol or diesel. To recharge this battery it will need to be plugged in. Although not quite as environmentally friendly as fully electric vehicles, emissions will be lower than traditional vehicles and you will save fuel costs due to the assistance from the electric battery.

Mild Hybrid Vehicles - these EVs mainly run off traditional petrol or diesel engines but also use a particular amount of electric. Although they use a smaller amount of electricity they still have lower emissions and are more cost effective than traditional vehicles. These vehicles use Regenerative Braking to recharge the electric battery, which is done by converting energy when you brake into electric power. Hybrid vehicles allow you to switch between driving on just electricity or just fuel or a combination at the touch of a button.

If you would like any additional information about EVs please get in touch with our trained sales team who will be happy to assist you.