Audi R8

The Audi R8 more than justifies its ‘supercar’ tag, not least because it shares many qualities possessed by the Lamborghini Huracán. Both vehicles feature the same engine and offer the same power, for example. Certainly, there’s no doubting the R8’s performance prowess. There are two models to choose from: Coupé and Spyder – the latter being a convertible. Although there’s stiff competition, if any Audi car is guaranteed to turn heads, it’s this one – whether it be in hard-top or open-top form.

Discover the new Audi R8 The R8 is available in V10 Quattro, V10 Performance Quattro and V10 Performance Carbon Black trim levels. Each offers four-wheel drive, while Performance iterations deliver even more power, which is already considerable in the standard version – not that the word ‘standard’ really applies in the R8’s case. The car’s striking appearance very much reflects its athletic capabilities. The R8 is every bit the modern sports car, with a dynamic profile and disposition that hints at the leading-edge technology contained within.
V10 allure The R8’s V10 body includes a jet-black chain-link-style radiator grille, which is flanked by similarly fashioned enlarged air inlets and is offset by super-sleek LED headlights. Spyder variants manage to go one better, with a fabric roof that retracts in just 20 seconds when travelling at speeds of up to 31mph.
Audi Virtual Cockpit The R8 features a fully digital instrument panel that is clearly visible through the top half of a flat-bottomed steering wheel. Whether you need to keep an eye on speed, cabin temperature or satellite navigation, the Virtual Cockpit has everything necessary to deliver an effortless driving experience.
Walking the walk The Audi R8 is definitely no ‘flash motor’. For one thing, it’s beautifully put together – and extremely powerful. This has everything to do with the car’s 5.2-litre 562bhp petrol engine. This V10 unit, allied with super-slick seven-speed S-tronic transmission, delivers 560Nm of torque and 0-60mph in little more than three seconds. On the racetrack, the R8 is capable of a top speed of 205mph.
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