Volkswagen e-Transporter

All of the fantastic features and versatility that you know and love about the classic Transporter, but now for the first time with fully-electric, zero-emissions power. Perfect for urban applications, where congestion charges and other pollution penalties apply; you'll be able to serve customers in areas that others cannot.

Discover the Volkswagen e-Transporter Volkswagen is aware of the need to reduce the carbon footprint of industry, and is committed to providing solutions that do not compromise your ability to deliver for your customers. The e-Transporter has been created with you in mind. Whether you are a fleet manager or own your van privately, you need a van that reduces costs and makes your job easier. Thanks to a cleverly designed, compact battery bank, the e-Transporter does not compromise on the professional good looks of the standard Transporter. Load space also remains unencumbered, with just as much capacity and cabin space as before.
Racing-derived power Thanks to FIA Formula E ABT battery technology, the e-Transporter comes with a battery bank that fits neatly under the floor. It can be charged from 0-80% in 45 minutes using a fast charger, getting you back on the road quickly. Smooth, instant and silent power delivery with no need for gears make for a relaxed, comfortable driving experience.
No compromise on tech The e-Transporter will come with all of the safety, comfort and connected features that you can currently find in the standard Transporter. Full smartphone integration, navigation and a huge range of customisation options allow you to tailor your e-Transporter to your business needs.
Clean and cost-effective The e-Transporter not only saves you and/or your business money in terms of fuel, servicing and road tax, there are also subsidies available for purchasing electric vehicles and installing chargers.
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