Volkswagen ID. BUZZ

An exciting, futuristic take on the beloved original T1 camper van, the all-electric ID. BUZZ features a familiar, friendly design with an environmentally conscious powertrain. Perfect for those with a spirit of adventure, the ID. BUZZ will offer fantastic cabin space and engaging driving dynamics.

Discover the Volkswagen ID. BUZZ Weekend getaways, summer festivals, family adventures; whatever appeals to your wanderlust, the ID. BUZZ will be able to keep up and look great doing it. Clever design with energy saving features will keep you going for longer. The aerodynamic wheel design, for example, reduces turbulent air and therefore drag, improving energy efficiency. Inside, the cabin of the ID. BUZZ comes with all of the high-quality fit and finish that you would expect from a Volkswagen. An energy saving, touch-sensitive steering wheel, adaptive LED lighting, and even a self-driving mode will be available, setting the benchmark for years to come.
Why should you go electric? Making the switch to electric vehicles is not only good for the environment, but thanks to government incentives, tax exemptions and lower energy costs, it is good for your wallet too. Quiet and smooth to drive, with instant, gears-free torque delivery, the ID. BUZZ is exciting to drive and relaxing to be driven in.
Always connected The ID. BUZZ will come with next gen connected technology, keeping you in touch and entertained on the go. Full smartphone integration, intelligent navigation and voice control systems will make interacting with your vehicle intuitive and stress-free. Online services will mean that you can download features on the go, upgrading your experience without the need to visit your dealership.
Keep updated We are excited to be able to bring you the most forward-thinking, well engineered electric vehicles. Please check back with us regularly for all the very latest information on the Volkswagen ID. BUZZ as it becomes available.
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