The Audi Sport Philosophy

There’s not many automotive marques that enjoy such a rich pedigree as Audi. The German car maker offers a selection of prestigious and award-winning models, with everything from sleek saloon cars to sporty roadsters among the manufacturer’s range. It is also responsible for a range of high performance models - the Audi RS selection.

For over a quarter of a century, the RS lineup has been evolving and delivering motoring thrills like never before. Since the introduction of the RS2 in 1994, the RS has grown and grown, building on the legacy of Audi’s motorsport expertise. This is a subset of vehicles that rivals BMW’s M Series and the acclaimed AMG lineup from Mercedes-Benz, meaning that you’re in good company when selecting a model from the RS range.

With more and more models being added to the RS selection, Audi has witnessed quite an evolution in its performance vehicle class. And this evolution has led to today’s selection of models being among the most impressive ever. Combining supercar performance with roadcar practicality, you will be able to choose from models that have power-packed engines that will offer incredible acceleration and track-inspired handling, all without sacrificing those features that are essential for everyday living.

At Marriott Audi, we’re delighted to be able to bring you the full selection of Audi RS vehicles, with each able to be discovered at our showrooms. From the RS 6 Avant through to the sporty and energetic TT RS Coupé, you’ll be able to discover a high-quality model that is certain to get the adrenaline flowing. Simply click through to the latest RS models on this page to learn more about the features and performance available, and book a test drive at a time that is convenient.

Power and performance with everyday usability

Audi RS Range - Meet the RS Lineup

RS e-tron GT

Being fully electric means the RS e-tron GT has an impressive acceleration of 0-62mph in just 3.3 seconds and a range of 283 miles. Its sculptural design, subtle curves and bold shoulder line gives an outstandingly attractive look whilst maintaining the unmistakable characteristics of an Audi RS model. Bursting with tech, the digitalised cockpit complements the stylish sports seats and will ensure a comfortable and relaxing ride. The RS e-tron GT does nothing but impress.

RS 3

Available as a Saloon or Sportback, the RS 3 is designed to stand out from the crowd. Beautiful flowing lines and aerodynamic shaping, immense power and impressive technologies, the RS 3 brings driving pleasure to a whole new level. Its sleek style flows inside with a sophisticated cabin, plush seating and sporty touches, giving a high class finish. This is a car that won't disappoint.


RS 4 Avant

To say the Audi RS4 Avant is a great all-rounder is almost to do it a disservice. Not only is this estate a rather handsome automobile, it’s exceptionally well put-together, very practical and super-quick. Whether you’re a business user or the person in charge of a busy family schedule, the RS4 Avant is well worth a considering, particularly if you value versatility as much as a premium motoring experience.

RS 5 Coupe

Arguably the sportiest of all A5 variants, the RS5 Coupé boasts muscular good looks and delivers exceptional power and pace. A V6 engine replaces the previously installed V8 unit, resulting in greater fuel-efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. However, this change hasn’t come at the expense of performance – and the vehicle’s practical nature shouldn’t be underestimated either. While the RS5 Coupé won’t necessarily be the first choice of the majority of families, it’s worth mentioning that it handles everyday motoring much better than one might expect.

RS 5 Sportback

Quick, comfortable, spacious and extremely well-specified, the Audi RS5 Sportback is as good a long-distance cruiser as one could wish for. This super-hatch is practical too – one of the very best in its class. Whether you need to close important deals in person or have appointments with friends or family to fulfil, this attractive vehicle will enable you to do so without absolute ease.

RS 6 Avant

A spacious and super-fast estate car, the RS6 Avant effortlessly blends high performance and practicality. No matter how far the destination, or which road you choose to take or what the weather is doing, this accomplished automobile will convey you in the smoothest manner possible – and in a timely fashion. It’s not downplaying the RS6 Avant’s undoubted attributes to say that it offers a fine solution to everyday motoring needs. Nevertheless, it possesses a remarkable turn of pace that ensures that driving is always a thrill.​​

RS 7 Sportback

The RS7 Sportback never fails to cut a dash, whether hurtling along the motorway or advancing smoothly through the city – or simply parked in the driveway. This stunning-looking car possesses a sumptuous interior, too – not to mention a powerful engine. If you desire style, potency and versatility in equal measure, this sporty hatchback deserves your close attention. Select your ideal version from a choice of RS7, RS7 Carbon Black and RS7 Vorsprung trim levels.​


Handle modern life beautifully with the RS Q3. Combining the strength of an SUV & the power of an Audi RS, this smooth ride has a lot to offer including a spacious interior & a speed of 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds. This characteristic SUV gives a sporty elegance to a family car. Cruise the streets with RS suspension, grip those cross-country roads in all weathers & power through your week.

RS Q3 Sportback

Combining sport with practicality, the RS Q3 Sportback offers you even more performance at your finger tips. Take full advantage of the award winning 2.5 litre 5 cylinder engine & 530 litre boot space. With heated RS sport front seats, RS leather multi-function steering wheel & RS suspension, comfort is no issue for this compact SUV.


The Audi RS Q8 is the German marque’s most powerful SUV. Dynamic in more ways than one, this sporty coupé is one of the fastest cars of its kind in the world – and it has the appearance to match. Irrespective of its power, pace and desirable looks, the RS Q8 is really very practical and extremely comfortable. Its price tag probably means that it’s not going to be the first-choice car for the majority of households. However, if money is no object, it’s an acquisition that will likely make your family very happy indeed.

TT RS Coupe

The TT RS Coupé successfully marries pace, power and usability because not only is this stylish sports car capable of remarkable acceleration, it’s also surprisingly suited to everyday motoring. The vehicle can be selected in a TT RS Coupé, Sport Edition or Vorsprung trim level, allowing you to choose the version that best suits your driving style. Even if you opt for the base-level trim, the car comes loaded with a number of exciting features that help it to stand apart from the coupé pack.​

TT RS Roadster

If there’s one car that is even more desirable than the TT RS Coupé, it’s probably the TT RS Roadster. It possesses everything that its hard-topped sibling does, including its classic coupé profile. However, when the weather is set fair, the roof can be unfurled, allowing natural light into the cabin, providing passengers with a greater sense of freedom. Choose your ideal variant from one of the following trim levels: TT RS Roadster, Sport Edition or Vorsprung.​

R8 Coupe

The R8 is Audi’s top-of-the line automobile, bringing classic coupé sports car style right up to date – and even nudging it into the near future, thanks to the car’s ultra-modern good looks. Extremely well-built, super reliable and very safe to travel in, the R8 Coupé also offers excellent handling and outstanding performance levels, the latter heralded by a roaring V10 engine. There’s a trim level available that will best suit your driving preferences, from the base-level R8 Coupé to the peak-grade V10 Performance Carbon Black.​

R8 Spyder

If you like the cut of the R8 Coupé’s jib but yearn for even greater supercar freedom, the R8 Spyder could be just what you’re looking for. Come rain or sunshine, this open-top, high-performance sports car adapts accordingly. It takes just 20 seconds for the car’s fabric roof to open (at speeds of up to 31mph), at which point, the signature roar of the R8’s V10 engine resonates all the more. Choose your ideal model from the following trims: V10 Quattro, V10 RWD, V10 Performance Quattro or V10 Performance Black.