Volkswagen Vans Warranty

Have peace of mind with our three year warranty

We are offering an all-inclusive three year warranty that covers your van, allowing you to deal with your business. We can fix any problems with manufacture or workmanship without cost, allowing you to relax knowing your van is in caring, capable hands.

Our Volkswagen Van Warranty will cover the following:

  • Any genuine Volkswagen parts will include a warranty with unlimited mileage from two years after purchase*.
  • The warranty will cover any paintwork defect from the date of registration for up to three years.
  • Your van is manufactured with full protection against rust and will be covered for 12 years**.

Warranty Extension

If your van is a key component of your business, Marriott Volkswagen Vans recommend that you always protect it with a warranty. We can offer an extended warranty included with a range of different services. You can choose to protect the entirety of your van or just a named component and select an excess level that suits you. There are also many payment options available, allowing you to pay up front or in monthly installments.

Used Van Warranty

We also offer a warranty on used vans that can provide you with an almost identical level of cover. You can get at least a year long warranty on any used vehicle that is under three years old. Alternatively, you can chose a minimum 6 month warranty on a Volkswagen van that is between the ages of 3-5 years.

Any vehicle that is less than two years old is still protected by the manufacturer's warranty, which will stay in place until the vehicle becomes 3 years old or when 100,000 miles is surppassed***.

Accessory Warranty

All accessories that have been supplied, approved and fitted when you purchased your vehicle, come with a three year warranty with unlimited mileage warranty. If you should have any issues with your accessories during this time, let us know and we will be able to assist you. If an accessory was fitted after initial purchase of the vehicle, it will be protected by a two year warranty. An accessory that isn't Volkswagen approved will have a warranty determined by the manufacturer^. Contact us if you would like more information about which accessories are Volkswagen approved.

*Genuine Volkswagen parts, fitted by Volkswagen trained technicians. **Amaroks built prior to June 2012 are covered for six years. ***Please see Warranty handbook for full details of cover and exclusions. ^Some items only have one year's warranty. #24138