Volkswagen Vans Tyres

Choose the best tyres for your Volkswagen Van

With constant use of your van, your tyres will become worn and tired, especially when transporting heavy loads or when driving on rugged roads. Marriott Volkswagen Vans recommends you constantly check your tyres, as they are a vital component of your van.

It is recommended you choose the tyres that are best for the nature of your business. This is especially prudent if you constantly carry heavy loads. Contact or visit us at Wolsey Van Centre where you can talk to one of our Volkswagen trained technicians to give you the best advice on what type of tyre is most beneficial for your van.

To ensure your van continues to be safe and perform to its best, it is vital to have your tyres checked frequently, as this will lessen running costs and will ensure your braking and acceleration is optimal.

Check the following regularly on your tyres:

  • Tyre pressure
  • Tread depth - make sure its above 1.6mm
  • Any bulges, abrasions, uneven wear or stuck objects.

Regularly check the pressure of your van's tyres to make sure they have been inflated sufficiently, as the air contained in the tyres is what lifts your van's weight. If your tyre pressure is sub-standard, you may experience tyre blowouts, poor braking and accelerating. Healthy tyres allows for superior grip on the road and allows you to save money, as the engine won't have to work harder, giving it a greater duration of life.