Volkswagen Vans Roadside Assistance

Be prepared

As standard, all Volkswagen Vans come with all-inclusive roadside assistance for the first three years with no hidden fees. This will cover everything from a tyre puncture to a depleted battery.

What Volkswagen Vans Road Assistance covers:

  • Breakdown assistance - If you have the msisfortune to breakdown, Volkswagen Roadside Assistance will come to your location to try and repair the van.
  • Home assistance - If you're at home or work and find your van won't start, one our expert technicians will come to you to repair your van.
  • Vehicle recovery - In the event we can't fix the problem, we will organise for your van to be taken directly to your nearest Authorised Volkswagen Van Centre.
  • Accident recovery - In the event you've been in an accident and your van has been rendered immobile, we'll come to you and get your van taken to one of our centres.
  • Onward travel - In the case your vehicle can't be repaired at the side of the road, we will do one of the following: lend you a replacement*, arrange alternate transport for you and any passengers** or arrange accommodation in a nearby hotel***.
  • Secure storage - Should your immobile van require storage during the night, we will collect it and take it to a safe location where it'll be promptly repaired.
  • Message service - We will pass on any messages you may have to your friends, families and colleagues, so you can deal with your business.
  • Caravan/trailer - If you happened to be towing a caravan or trailer when you brokedown or had your accident, we will ensure it is taken off the road and taken somewhere secure.
  • European Assistance - Volkswagen Roadside Assistance is available throughout Europe, so you are protected should you brakedown abroad.

If you van is younger than 10 years old, you can extend your roadside assistance cover further. We recommed this as you never know when you might encounter a breakdown or accident. Rest assured, your van will only be worked on by trained experts who are equipped to get your van back on the road.

*In the event of mechanical or electrical breakdown only, Volkswagen Roadside Assistance will arrange and pay for a replacement vehicle up to a maximum of two days. This excludes road traffic accidents. **Volkswagen Roadside Assistance will arrange alternative transport for the driver and up to seven passengers to the driver's destination, e.g. by taxi or train. ***Overnight accommodation for the driver and up to seven passengers. (This does not include the cost of meals and drinks).