Škoda Connect

Make the most of every day.

Škoda Connect the ultimate online service that enriches every moment of your day! Whether you opt for the complete package or select specific services, your car will be empowered with a wide array of exciting features, including on-the-road entertainment, comprehensive care and enhanced safety measures. Embrace the full potential of your driving experience with Škoda Connect!

With Škoda Connect, your journeys become smarter and more connected, as it unlocks a plethora of convenient services and features. Embrace the seamless integration of technology to enhance your driving experience like never before!

Experience a diverse array of features, from remote access to your Škoda through a mobile app to Google Earth services, traffic updates, essential vehicle health information, remote locking, car location, and real-time fuel prices. With Škoda Connect, every journey becomes smarter, and it can significantly impact your business operations, making it more efficient and convenient than ever before.

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Benefits of Škoda Connect

Journey plan

​Plan the best routes from home with the app and send them straight to your Škoda. 

Prepare from home

Lock and unlock the vehicle and control the cabin climate remotely - all from the comfort of home. 

Maximise uptime

See online traffic information and get real-time route updates and live traffic jams, road works or accident alerts​. 

Get where you need to be

​Find a parking space, where to eat, charge, refuel and much more.

Find your Škoda easily

Find your Škoda in a crowded carpark is fast and easy with the honk and flash feature. 

Better security

Lock and unlock your car remotely and get immediate anti-theft alerts, no matter where you are.


With the Enyaq iV, you can schedule charging times when it suits you best. You can also set a charge limit to preserve the battery.


Check and manage your range and charge levels using your smartphone. Easily locate your nearest charging station and set it as a destination.

Fast assistance

If you have an accident and airbags deploy, Škoda Connect automatically alerts emergency services including location, as well as connecting you by phone so you can be looked after until help arrives. You can also call for emergency assistance directly, by pressing a button on the three-button module. 

Download the Škoda Connect app from the App Store or the Google Play Store, and connect to discover all the features of Škoda Connect.