FREE Tyre Safety Check Available At Bristo's Škoda

As the weather begins to worsen and the driving conditions become more hazardous, it is important that you check the condition of your tyres. Your car tyres are arguably one of the most critical parts of the car, and provide the connection between you and the road and are vital for your safety when driving.

We recommend that your car tyres are checked regularly and changed when required, it is a legal requirement that there is at least 1.6mm of tread on the tyre and that your tyres do not have any defects and are fit for purpose. With monthly checks of your tyres you will be able to identify any problems.

At Bristo's Škoda we have a selection of approved Škoda tyres available that have been specifically designed for each Škoda model to ensure performance, comfortable ride and most importantly safety. Additionally, we also offer tyres suitable for any make or model of vehicle. Make sure you're ready for the winter conditions with our range of winter tyres which are now available to purchase and can be fitted too.


How to check your car tyres

We recommend you check your car tyres every month, and complete the following checks including tread, tyre condition and air pressure:


It is recommended that your tyres are changed before they are worn to the 1.6mm legal limit, and we recommend replacing with 3mm of tread left to ensure your safety especially in wet weather conditions, as worn tyres can reduce your stopping distance.

To check, you can either use a tyre depth gauge or a 20p as a guide, if the outer rim of the coin is visible when inserted into the groove, then your tread depth may be below the legal limit.


When checking your tyres make sure you check the condition of the tyre for bulges, cuts, objects in the tread or deterioration of the tyre including cracking.

These could all be problems with the tyre and could potentially indicate that they're no longer safer, and we recommend bringing your car in for its free tyre check.


It is important to check the air pressure of your tyres as it can affect the handling and braking distance, plus correctly inflated tyres also last longer and can help with improving fuel economy.

Use an accurate pressure gauge to check the pressure, it is recommended you do it when the tyres are cold. Your pressures values are normally found in the vehicle handbook or on the inside of the fuel cap.


TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) is mandatory on all new cars. It alerts the drivers to significant changes in the tyre pressure, however it is not a substitute for regular manual checks.

When you turn on your ignition key, the TPMS symbol should light in your dashboard along with all the other warning lights, and should go out after the engine starts. If it detects a problem you will be alerted.

For more information and to book your FREE tyre safety check, please contact Bristo's Škoda today and book your appointment.