At Marriott Škoda, we know how important it is that your vehicle's paintwork is protected from everyday weathering and traffic pollutants. Over time the paintwork on your vehicle can become dull and faded when exposed to atmospheric pollutants and car washing chemicals, which causes paintwork to progressively fade and hold dirt making it harder to clean. When you have a synthetic coat applied to your vehicle it will leave a durable and high gloss finish which protects the paint from pollutants which can cause damage. 

Guaranteed for lifetime, once you have a synthetic coat applied to your vehicle it means you won't ever have to polish your car again. We recommend using a "Gloss Enhancer" to maintain the finish, however this is not essential to keep the guarantee. 

Synthetic Coat benefits include:

  • Protects all exterior and keeps it looking in showroom condition
  • It repels dirt and grime making it easier to clean
  • Prevents your paintwork from dulling over time

What's more, when Synthetic Coat can also protect the fabrics of your interior, it protects the interior from spillages and everyday stains. The film resists soaking from hot and cold drinks, food particles and dirt, allowing treat surfaces to be easily wiped clean.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss AutoProtect Synthetic Coat with a member of our helpful team, please contact Marriott Škoda today.

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