Renault Van Brake Pads & Discs From £259

Brake pads grip on to your van's brake discs, allowing the vehicle to reduce in speed, making it one of the most important components of the vehicle. After rigorous use, brake pads and discs become worn down and will require replacing.

Bristo's Renault are keen to ensure all Renault van drivers receive the best experience possible with their vehicle, so naturally we take safety very seriously. That’s why you can visit us with your Renault van and receive a free brake safety check at any time, if you’re concerned by the performance of your brakes.

Whenever your van is at Bristo's Renault for servicing, MOT, repair, warranty or diagnostic work, we will perform a visual check of your brake discs and pads to check whether or not they are in need of replacement. We will measure the thickness of your van’s brake discs and brake pads and compare that to the minimum thickness standard set by Renault, allowing us to advise you if your brake discs and pads need replacing and the severity of them. Furthermore, we will also conduct a check of the condition of your van’s brake fluid to ensure it is in good condition, as well as an inspection of the brake hoses to identify any possible leaks. Your handbrake cables will also be reviewed to ensure they are in good health.

From just £259, we can replace the front brake pads and discs on your van when you visit Bristo's Renault.

When near the minimum thickness it becomes significantly more important to replace your brake pads, so you do not encounter unexpected brake failure when out on the road.

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