Why am I required to pay a holding deposit for a car or van I'm interested in?

If you find a vehicle we have listed for sale that you're keen on, our Sales Team might offer you the opportunity to temporarily reserve it with a fully refundable holding deposit. Even though the vehicle may remain visible on our websites, it's set aside for you, preventing any other customer from purchasing it and giving you time to finalize your decision without pressure.

Is leaving a holding deposit necessary?

No, it's entirely optional. However, it ensures that the vehicle you're interested in won't be sold to another customer across our other branches, as long as you have placed a holding deposit on it.

If I do place a holding deposit on the vehicle I'm interested in, am I obligated to buy it from you?

Absolutely not. There's no commitment to purchase any vehicle from us if you've left a deposit. If you lose interest in the vehicle, we'll promptly refund your money.

The holding deposit doesn't constitute a contract, and either party can withdraw from the sale without explanation.

What happens to my deposit if I do decide to purchase the vehicle?

It's subtracted from the vehicle's total cost.

Why don't all car dealers adopt this practice?

We often have multiple customers interested in the same vehicle, with one unable to visit the branch immediately to view the car but wishing to secure the first option to purchase it.

Our holding deposit policy allows us to manage competing interests on the vehicle by temporarily taking it off sale until the customer decides to proceed with the purchase or not.

Moreover, we frequently offer sudden discounts on vehicles, making them highly sought-after. Placing a holding deposit ensures you have priority in buying it.

How long can I keep a holding deposit for?

We can reserve vehicles for 3 working days. However, in certain cases, we may extend this period at the discretion of the Sales Manager.

What if someone else wants to place a holding deposit on the same vehicle?

Our policy is to accept only one deposit per vehicle, as we always prioritize customers on a first-come, first-served basis.

What if I initially reserved one car but am now considering another? Can the deposit be transferred to reserve a different vehicle?

Yes, we'll simply make the original vehicle available for sale again and reserve your new vehicle choice.

I've found the car I want to reserve. What's the next step?

You have two options, you can either follow the Buy Online process by leaving a deposit, pay in full or one of our finance options or you can call the number listed with the vehicle, expressing your interest in leaving a holding deposit. The Sales Consultant will assist you in making the payment over the phone using a debit or credit card and schedule an appointment for you to personally view the vehicle.