Renault CAPTUR Accessories

Customise your Renault CAPTUR

With our Renault CAPTUR accessories you can personalise your CAPTUR to suit your lifestyle. Perfect for those who enjoy adventuring our accessories will protect your interior and exterior, but also add additional storage for transporting bikes and luggage carriers.

Accessory Packs*

With our accessory packs allow you to add even more style to the exterior of your Renault to enhances it appearance but also protect the bodywork.

Explore Pack

Perfect for adventuring with a swan neck towbar and carrier for 3 bikes.

SUV Pack

Protect the interior of your CAPTUR with our SUV pack including side steps, door sills and boot sill protector.

Individual Accessories

Our Renault accessories can also be purchased individually.

Illuminated door sills

Protect the lower door section of your CAPTUR.
Stainless steel and aluminium finish

Central arm rest

Improve your comfort when travelling,
and includes additional storage space.

Standard boot liner

Protects the interior boot carpet.
Practical and semi-rigid material and easy to install.

Roof bars

Suitable for transporting a bicycle rack, a ski rack or roof box.

Swan neck tow bar (fixed)

Enables towing of trailers, caravans, professional equipment,
bicycle racks and more.

Side steps

Add side steps to make it easier to access your vehicle and its roof.

All-in-one boot liner

Essential for protecting the carpet of your boot.
Easily folds and covers the rear seats.

Seat covers

Personalise your interior with synthetic leather†† seat covers.
Made to measure and are easy to install.

Wind deflectors

Discreet, made-to-measure and resistance wind deflectors.
Set of two deflectors (right and left).

Boot sill protector

Cover and protect the rear bumper of your CAPTUR.



Get in touch with your Renault Parts department today for more information and prices.

Accessories pricing includes fitting when relevant.

*Manufacturer's Recommended Retail Price, only valid at the point of order of a new vehicle, ex-factory. Prices not applicable to used vehicles, registered vehicles, and unregistered stock at dealer premises. Pricing not valid on EasyLife range. For accessory prices, please consult your local Renault dealer.

**Prices shown only valid for vehicles which will have the accessories fitted post-registration at the manufacturer's import centre. Additional fitment costs applicable to used vehicles, registered vehicles, and unregistered stock at dealer premises. Please speak to your local dealer for more information and delivery times. #26779