Renault Kangoo

The Kangoo is the most compact vehicle in the Renault van range, which is a good thing. The vehicle’s diminutive dimensions make it an ideal choice for business users that operate in busy urban environments. The Kangoo’s relatively small size makes it perfect for navigating traffic-congested streets with ease, and slotting into virtually any parking space. The van provides a car-like driving experience too. It’s also affordable to run and possesses a versatile and spacious interior.

Discover the new Renault Kangoo There are three fuel-driven variants to choose from: standard Kangoo, Maxi and Crew Van. For optimal interior space, the Maxi is the vehicle to go for because it features a maximum 4,600-litre cargo capacity and carries up to 794 kilograms. The standard Kangoo and the Maxi each accommodate two people so, if you need more room for passengers, the Crew Van is your best bet because it provides seating for five people. Understandably, this eats into the vehicle’s load volume, which peaks at 3,400 litres.
Colour-coding It might seem as though white is the universal colour of vans but the Kangoo is actually available in one of a number of different hues, allowing you to match your brand with an appropriate paint finish. As well as three standard-issue colours – Mineral White, Carmen Red and Urban Grey – you have the option to select from two shades of grey, Jet Black, Mocha or Nightwatch Blue.
Protect your assets There’s every chance you’ll be transporting valuable items, and with this in mind, the Kangoo’s doors are deadlocked. This means that even if someone smashes one or more of its windows, the doors will remain sealed. Extra security is provided by the presence of an alarm and Renault’s Anti-Intruder Device, each of which come as standard too.
Whistle while you work Whether a working day is set to consist of several short trips or one long journey, there’s nothing better than having something to listen to while you’re driving. To that end, the Kangoo’s stereo system will help pass the time. Included is a CD player, DAB radio, AUX inputs and Bluetooth, the latter of which will enable you to stream your favourite audio content.
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