Renault Kangoo ZE

The smallest van in the Renault range is available as an all-electric variant: the Kangoo ZE, a very popular commercial vehicle that is ideal for urban-based businesses. Its compact size allows it to manoeuvre busy streets with ease and nestle into almost any parking space. That said, this nippy little van is more than capable of going further afield. Following a full charge, the ZE has a very useful 170-mile range.

Discover the new Renault Kangoo ZE Although based on the Renault Scenic, the Kangoo’s rear compartment is entirely devoted to load space. Nevertheless, its origins ensure that it’s very easy to drive. In fact, once you’re sitting comfortably in the cab, you’ll quickly forget that you’re behind the wheel of a van. The ZE comes in three body-style options: standard, Maxi and Crew. Choose the latter if you regularly work with a five-person team. For maximum load-bearing capacity, select the Maxi, which offers up to 4,600 litres. The standard Kangoo ZE, meanwhile, possesses a not-inconsiderable 3,000-litre cargo volume.
Zero / hero The ZE is 100-percent electric, which means it produces zero CO2 emissions. If you run a business that is concerned about the environment, the Kangoo will automatically confer brownie points upon it. Even if no one notices your eco-friendly inclinations, at least you can go about your working day knowing that you’re making a solid contribution to the local ecology.
You’re in charge The Kangoo ZE comes with three charging options. When using a standard three-pin power supply, you can fully replenish the vehicle’s battery in 12 to 17 hours. With a dedicated wall box or public charging point, the time is reduced to between six and 11 hours. These variances depend on the power supply used – for example, some public points use 22kW, while others use 43kW.
Let the music play This all-electric van features a CD player, DAB digital radio and AUX and USB ports as standard, providing you with plenty of ways to enjoy audio content on the road. All models feature Bluetooth connectivity too, allowing you to stream your favourite sounds.
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