Renault Z.E Brake Pads & Discs

Brake pads are a vital component to your vehicle; they grip on to the brake discs, allowing the vehicle to reduce in speed when required. As time passes, brake pads and discs become worn down and will eventually need changing.

Having healthy brakes on your electric vehicle is vital, as they allow you to safely stop your vehicle. If you’re concerned at all by your brakes and their effectiveness, bring your Renault to us at Bristo's Renault and we will perform a brake safety check for free.

Whenever you come to our workshop at Bristo's Renault for servicing, a MOT test, repairs, warranty or diagnostic work, we will perform a visual check of your brake discs and pads to ensure your brakes are in good condition, so you remain safe.

When you bring in your Renault Z.E vehicle for a service, we will take note of how thick the brake pads are, and if the meet the minimum thickness standard set by Renault. This will allow us to inform you on how healthy your brakes are, so you’ll know if you need to consider having your brake pads and discs replaced. We’ll also inspect the quality of your brake fluid and look for any leaks in your vehicle’s brake hoses, as well as a check of your handbrake cables.

Having your brake pads changed when they are near their minimum thickness is vital as your brake discs will start to become damaged, which can put you and your vehicle in danger.