Renault Free Vehicle Health Check

Visit Bristo's Renault to receive a free vehicle health check for your Renault.

Every car and van which our trained Renault Technicians work on, in our fully equipped workshop at Bristo's Renault receives a Free Vehicle Health Check, no matter if you're coming in for an MOT, servicing or diagnostic work. We do this to make sure you have total peace of mind on the condition of your vehicle.

This allows us to identify any potential issues your vehicle may be facing, so you are not caught off-guard with an unexpected bill or breakdown. We often work on cars and vans which have problems that could have been easily identified with our Free Health Check, before the problem became bigger and incurred a big repair cost. Rest assured we can fix any problems that are found, and we will only use genuine Renault parts, fitted by our highly-trained service Technicians.

When we carry out a Free Health Check on your Renault vehicle, we will also send you videos where you’ll be able to see exactly what our Technician is concerned about. This is useful for people with busy schedules who leave their vehicle with us, in addition to checking that we have found a fault you may have reported.

Our Free Vehicle Health Check will cover the following:

  • Suspension, drive shaft and steering
  • Brake discs and brake pad condition
  • Tyre tread and condition
  • Exhaust and mountings
  • Cambelt condition
  • Wiper blades

What the Vehicle Health Check will show

Issues identified during the Vehicle Health Check will be graded according to the severity of the issue, by either red amber or green:


Immediate action is required due to a safety concern such as brakes, tyres, wipers, lights and other items which would usually class as an MOT failure or safety concern.


Issue will require attention soon before the next Service or MOT, but is not an immediate safety concern.


Item is working as intended and will not need attention before the next Service or MOT.