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Bristo's Renault offers a range of Renault servicing and maintenance options from our workshop located in Ipswich.  Here we have Renault trained technicians ready and waiting to serve you, for whom servicing is their speciality. 

Renault cars use a range of powerful engines that produce low emissions, giving you low running costs. These vehicles use petrol and diesel engines, that have specific intervals for when they require servicing, based on the age and mileage of the vehicle. Servicing your Renault helps maintain performance and fuel economy - but also keeps exhaust emissions at the correct level – which is a critical point within the MOT regulations from May 2018 onwards. 

Because Renault Services are dependent on both the age and mileage of your vehicle, including your registration, accurate mileage in your booking is essential so that we can accurately quote what is truly needed by your engine.

There are two main types of servicing which Renault cars registered after 2012 need:

Service TypeContentIncludes
(A Service) Cabin ServiceCabin filter change & comprehensive checks.Free Vehicle Health Check
(B Service) Interim ServiceOil and filter change, safety, computer, battery levels and anti-corrosion checks.Free Vehicle Health Check
​A & B Service​For higher mileage drivers we recommend having both A and B service performed together.​Free Vehicle Health Check
​Free Vehicle Health Check​A check on all your vehicle's essential systems.

If your vehicle is 4+ years old, please refer to our Renault 4+ Years Servicing page for additional pricing information.

Bringing your Renault to our service workshops gives you total peace of mind; we’ll only complete the servicing that is necessary on your car to maintain its warranty cover and performance, we check and only use the right oil and correct fluid types for your car as well as only using Renault genuine parts which will fit right the first time. We will send you free reminders in plenty of time for services and MOTs you Renault car needs in the future too.

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