Renault Cars Brake Pads & Discs From £199

Brake pads are a vital component to your car; they grip on to your car's brake discs, allowing the vehicle to reduce in speed. After much use, brake pads and discs become worn down and will require replacing.

Brakes are paramount to your driving safety, but we often receive questions about brakes feeling soft, taking longer to stop or even making a grinding noise from the front or rear brakes. You and your Renault are welcome to visit us at Bristo's Renault for a free brake safety check at any time, if you’re concerned by your brakes and their performance.

Every time your Renault comes into our workshop at Bristo's Renault, we will perform a visual check of your brake discs and pads whenever you come in for servicing, MOT, repair, warranty or diagnostic work. During a service, we also measure the actual thickness of the brake discs and brake pads and compare that to the minimum thickness standard provided by Renault, allowing us to advise you on the health of your brakes, keep you safe on the road.  We will also check the condition of your brake fluid and search for any leaks from the brake hoses, as well as an assessment on the condition of your handbrake cables.

Here at Bristo's Renault, we can replace your front brake pads and discs from just £199.

It’s important to change brake pads when they are near their minimum thickness, allowing you to avoid any unexpected brake failure.