Air Conditioning Service Just £99
Includes an Antibacterial Treatment, FREE Battery Check & FREE Health Check

To help remove any build up of harmful bacteria within your car's air conditioning system, it is critical to get this system serviced​ regularly to keep the air flow in your cabin fresh and clean. We suggest that you have this cleaned every year and serviced every 2 years, to ensure your air conditioning continues to operate at maximum efficiency.

Your car's air con system can become contaminated with bacteria and fungi over time, causing your car's ventilation system to have poor airflow, as well as an unpleasant smell. This can become hazardous to the health of the car's occupants due to irritation of the eyes and nose. This is especially the case during Spring time when there is an increased level of pollen in the air.

When you bring your car to Marriott Renault for an air con service, we will also carry out an antibacterial treatment too, the benefits of which are:

  1. Keeps your air system fresh, alert and safer
  2. Maintains the system's mechanical integrity
  3. Helps prevent bacterial build up within the system
  4. Eliminates bad odours from the system, leaving the air fresh and clean

Antibacterial Treatment - Just £29

Using an ultrasonic anti-bacterial and odour treatment, our technicians will cleanse the air conditioning system to eliminate any microbial, fungal and bacterial contaminants.

Air Con Service Includes Antibacterial Treatment - Just £99

During the service we will drain and recharge the system including checking hoses, filters, belt and connections. We will also make sure the compressor and condenser are working correctly.

Each year, your car's air conditioning system can lose up to 10% of its gas which will reduce the efficiency of the system on days when the temperature is high and the demand on your air con system is higher. If not serviced as we advise, the air con system will continue to lose gas and become even less efficient which can actually increase your car's fuel consumption. Eventually after going long enough without a service, your car's air con system will fail to work at all.

During your air con service at Marriott Renault, we will also complete a FREE battery check and a FREE health check on your car to ensure everything works correctly, giving you peace of mind for any summer adventures ahead.

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