Dacia Tyres From £69*

As your tyres are what keeps your car on the road, they go through a lot of stress yet are essential to the wellbeing of your car.

With continued use, your tyres will start to wear down which can become quite dangerous if left unchecked. Heavily worn tyres will impact your car's ability to stop swiftly when the brakes are applied, as the tyres won't have satisfactory grip on the road which is especially dangerous during wet and cold weather. Furthermore, if your tyres are in very bad health, it may become illegal to continue using those specific tyres, which can result in a hefty fine.

From £69* we have a range of genuine Dacia tyres that have been specifically designed for your Dacia.

It is a good idea to frequently check on the condition of your tyres using a wear indicator between the grooves in your tyres, this will give you a good idea of how much use they have left. Also be on the look out for cracks in the sides and worn treads. Additionally, be vigilant for any vibrations from the steering wheel when driving or any unusual rolling noises.

You should also avoid over-inflating and bursting tyres by monthly checks of your tyre pressure. You should be able to find the correct pressure amount on the inside of your door.

If the tyres on your Dacia have low pressure or are flat, continued use of your vehicle can be hazardous to your own and other's safety. If you are unsure, we recommend bringing your vehicle to us for a free, thorough inspection of your tyres to ensure they are in good health.

* Price relates to 185/65 R15 88T Continental Contact 5, Fuel Efficiency B Wet Grip B External rolling noise 2 (70), available for Sandero.