Dacia Cars Service Menu Pricing

Bristo's Dacia offers a range of Dacia servicing and maintenance options from our workshop located in Ipswich.  We recommend you bring your Dacia to us, your local Dacia workshop, where we have Dacia trained experts ready and waiting to serve you, for whom servicing is their speciality. 

Dacia vehicles have specific intervals at which they need servicing to keep them in good health, these intervals are based on the age and mileage of the vehicle. Servicing your Dacia helps maintain performance and fuel economy - but also keeps exhaust emissions at the correct level – which is a critical point within the MOT regulations as of May 2018. 

Dacia recommends you have your Dacia car serviced at least once per year or every time it travels a collective 12,000 miles or greater.

Keeping an accurate mileage record in your booking is highly encouraged, as it is vital information in assessing the health of your car that will also allow us to accurately quote what is truly needed by your Dacia.

Bringing your Dacia to our service workshop gives you total peace of mind; we’ll only complete the servicing that is necessary on your car to maintain its warranty cover and performance. Additionally, we will only use original Dacia parts which will fit right the first time to give your Dacia a long life on the road. We're so confident in our original Dacia parts, each one comes with a one-year warranty and quality assurance.