Dacia Maintenance

The Bristo's Dacia workshop in Ipswich offers a variety of maintenance options for Dacia vehicles, all of which will be carried out by our certified Dacia Technicians.

We offer a range of crucial maintenance tasks to owners of Dacia vehicles throughout Ipswich, such as free tyre checks, air conditioning system cleaning and more, all to ensure your Dacia continues to perform admirably.

When using Bristo's Dacia for any maintenance work on your Dacia, only servicing Technicians trained by Dacia will be operating on your vehicle to guarantee the work will be of the highest quality. They will also only use Dacia approved components that have been specifically designed for your vehicle. Furthermore, our servicing Technicians will only use approved Dacia equipment when conducting maintenance on your vehicle.

The following offers are available from Bristo's Dacia to ensure your vehicle continued health:


For £69, keep healthy tyres on your Dacia to ensure its continued smooth handling.

Air Conditioning

For £69, make sure your vehicle's climate control system keeps you and your passengers comfortable no matter the season.


For £389 have your car's cambelt replaced to keep your vehicle operating in peek condition.