Dacia Free Vehicle Health Check

Visit Bristo's Dacia to receive a free vehicle health check for your Dacia.

Every Dacia our Technicians work on in our fully operational workshop at Bristo's Dacia, will receive a Vehicle Health Check for free. Any work you have done with us, we will give your Dacia a free health check to ensure our customers have complete peace of mind about the health of their Dacia.

Our free vehicle health check will conduct thorough checks of vital systems in your Dacia allowing you to be fully aware of the health and condition of your vehicle. Our vehicle health check will be able to identify any issues your vehicle has and what the severity of the issue is, giving you ample opportunity to counter the problem before it becomes bigger and critical damage is sustained. We will only repair any issues with your approval so you are not caught off-guard with any unexpected costs.

Any repairs you approve will only be conducted by officially trained Dacia technicians, who will only work with Dacia approved equipment and genuine Dacia parts.

Our Free Vehicle Health Check will cover the following:

  • Suspension, drive shaft and steering
  • Brake discs and brake pad condition
  • Tyre tread and condition
  • Exhaust and mountings
  • Cambelt condition
  • Wiper blades