Dacia Cambelt Replacement From £389*

A cambelt -also known as the timing belt- is the part of the engine that controls the timing and operation of most of the major internal parts of the engine keeping them running smoothly.

Wear and tear on your cambelt is silent but deadly; there are no warning signs of when your cambelt is worn out, but if it does fail, it can cause fatal damage to your engine.

The cambelt keeps the camshaft and crankshaft rotating in sync with each other as if they don't it can cause the engine to fail. It is also recommended that when you do get your cambelt replaced, you also use the time to change the roller pulleys, tensioner and water pump. This is recommended since the water pump is located behind the cambelt, saving you time and money on parts and labour should the water pump leak and need replacement at a later stage.

From £389, we can replace your cambelt, so your Dacia continues to perform exceptionally.

Due to the unpredictable nature of worn cambelts, we advise on scheduling a replacement when your vehicle is more than 5 years old or if it has already travelled between 60,000 - 160,000 miles.

Bristo's Dacia, your local Daica specialists, are commited to giving you the best service. At our workshop, we will only use Dacia approved equipment as well as Dacia trained technicians whilst working on your vehicle. Getting work done ensures great value for money, peace of mind and reassurance for reliability and resale value of your Dacia car.

* Additional parts may be required according to the maintenance programme (not included in stated price) Consult your Dacia Dealer for the correct specification for your vehicle.