Dacia Air Conditioning Servicing From £69

The air conditioning system of your Dacia is a key factor in your experience when out on the road, it keeps the climate of your car comfortable no matter the season as well as keeping out pollution and pollen. The air conditioning system also de-mists the windows and controls the atmosphere of your cabin. 

Bristo's Dacia advises you service your Dacia vehicle's air conditioning system at least once every year to make sure it runs as effectively as possible and doesn't have a build up of mould or bacteria.

Our air conditioning service from £69 will check your air conditioning system to ensure it is in good health and is not experiencing any issues.

Furthermore, your air conditioning system will receive a complete system clean, an aircromatic clean, passenger compartment filter replacement and a recharge.

If you experience any of the following, we advise you to have your air conditioning serviced soon:

  • Unpleasant odours
  • Allergy problems
  • Decreased efficiency
  • Constant condensation on the windows