Air Conditioning Service Just £99
Includes an Antibacterial Treatment, FREE Battery Check & FREE Health Check

It is important that your air con system undergoes an annual check up to avoid any mould or bacteria building up. At Marriott Dacia when you have your air conditioning serviced we will also complete an antibacterial clean of the system too, this will keep the air flow in your cabin clean and fresh.

There are certain signs that can indicate problems with your air con, including:

  • Unpleasant smells
  • Allergy problems
  • The screen not demisting
  • Reduced flow or air and strange condensation

The air con system can become full of bacteria and fungal contamination over time which causes bacteria to build-up in the ventilation system. This can cause unpleasant smells which leads to poor airflow, but more importantly is that you will be breathing in harmful bacteria and allergens, that can affect your eyes and nose.

The advantages to an air con service and antibacterial treatment are:

  • Helps to keep the air inside the cabin fresh
  • Maintains the mechanical integrity of the system
  • Prevents the bacterial build up in the system
  • Removes bad smells from the system

Antibacterial Treatment - Just £29

Our technicians will clean the air conditioning system using an ultrasonic anti-bacterial and odour treatment which will help to eliminate microbial, fungal and bacterial contamination.

Air Con Service Includes Antibacterial Treatment - Just £99

During the service we will drain and recharge the system including checking hoses, filters, belt and connections. We will also make sure the compressor and condenser are working correctly.

Over time your air conditioning system can lose up to 10% of its gas each year, this means it won't work as effectively and lead to an increase in fuel consumption. During the service the system will undergo an anti-bacterial and odour treatment to remove fungal and bacterial contamination. The system will be drained and recharged including checking hoses, filters, belts and connections.

At Marriott Dacia, during your air con service we will also complete a FREE battery check and FREE health check of your Dacia to ensure that everything is working correctly.

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