Progress. Then, now and always.

Over 100 years ago, Audi was founded on a vision of constant progress. A vision that’s not just embodied in the design of our cars, but in the way we see the world. It means recognising the potential in every situation. Seeing possibilities, where others perceive impossibilities. And inspiration, where there are obstacles. Knowing that what we create today won’t just lead to better cars, but to a better tomorrow. For Audi, future is an attitude.

What makes an Audi?

It’s no longer enough for a car to take you from A to B. Recognising our common challenges; embracing digital possibilities and providing thrilling experiences are all crucial elements of what makes an Audi, an Audi. Cars born of progress, that innovate as much as they excite.


The future is electric. As well as offering an increasing number of battery-powered cars, like the new
e-tron Sportback, we’re building them in a carbon-neutral factory.

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In the past, design was restricted to the shape of a car. Today, it encompasses everything from seats to lights, as seen with the digital OLED lights found on the new Q5. Lighting that requires less energy, yet shines brighter, in individually controllable segments with distinguishing light ‘signatures’.

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Our lives are connected. That shouldn’t stop when you climb into your car. In an Audi, it means being able to monitor your car via the myAudi app. Lock and unlock, check fuel or charge, send routes, remember where you’ve parked - and more. All from your device*.

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Inspirational engineering has always been an Audi trademark. Especially for models made by Audi Sport, where cars born on the racetrack are built for the road. Perhaps none embodies this more than the new RS Q8; a spacious, practical SUV with the power to accelerate from 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds.

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Audi today.

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Audi tomorrow.

Facing the issues of the future and embracing new technologies: these are the opportunities that every next-generation Audi will seize.


A vision for driving in the megacities of tomorrow, the AI:ME concept is compact, battery-powered and can drive you fully autonomously.

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