Pick up and drop off

​This section should help you with any queries you have relating to renting a vehicle from us. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to present when I pick up my car? 

You will need your driving license, identification documents, and your valid credit card. Your confirmation email details exactly what you need to bring on the day of the rental. 

Or if you're traveling overseas, we will need to see a valid passport, driving license, flight itinerary & bill, or bank statement with your home dress printed on. 

Do we deliver vehicles? ​

Delivery can be arranged for your vehicle, subject to availability. Please contact your nearest Rent-A-Car location for a quotation. 

Do we offer a collection service? 

Vehicle collection can be arranged, subject to availability. Please contact you local Rent-A-Car location for a quotation. 

When do I have to return the vehicle?

​The vehicle should be returned to the agreed rental location at the latest date and time shown on the Rental Agreement document. The rental period will end when you return the vehicle to this location and hand the vehicle keys to the Rental Manager or their representative. We will allow a 60 minute tolerance period at the end of the rental before further charges apply. Please always contact us if you need to extend the booking or if you know you are going to be late for any reason. We will always try our best to accommodate your requirements.

What happens if I am late returning the vehicle?

All rental bookings have a 60 minutes grace period. This is the allowance over and above the end date and time shown on your rental agreement and reservation email. If you return the vehicle before the end of the grace period, no further charges will apply. If you return the vehicle later than the grace period, you will be charged an additional day’s rental.

Do you offer a key drop option or 'out of hours' return?

​Currently, we don't offer a key drop option. However, if you would like to return your vehicle out of hours, please speak to your booking location to discuss.

Upon pick-up, am I guaranteed the vehicle I booked online? 

​We're the only vehicle rental company that can guarantee the vehicle you book is the vehicle you'll get. However, if (in the rare circumstances) the vehicle you have reserved is not available when you come to pick-up the vehicle then you will not be required to pay any of the total charges stated on your reservation confirmation (and you will be given a full refund of any amounts you have paid in advance).

What if I am unfamiliar with my rental vehicles controls? 

We know with recent evolutions in vehicle technology, a lot of the controls in our rental cars can be tricky to get used to. If you need help with any of the controls before you set off on your journey, let one of the on-site staff know and they’ll talk you through the control panel on your vehicle.

Will my vehicle be cleaned upon pick up?

All our vehicles are valeted prior to your vehicle rental. We also deploy a non-smoking rule within all our vehicles. If we reasonably think that someone has smoked in the vehicle you must pay for a full internal valet of the vehicle